Welcome to the Classic World of Witchcraft and Wizardry ! This is a blog entirely devoted to Harry Potter and the classic wizarding world. Feel free to request what you wish to see. See "Hogwarts Handbook" for details about this blog. *I do not own most of these photos*
This is my personal blog.

wineandvervain whispered, "Hello! I've noticed you haven't posted pictures in a while, I hope that anon didn't discourage you from posting! You have a *BEAUTIFUL* blog, I miss your posts and I hope you'll continue posting stuff soon! :)"

Of course not, I’ll get to posting right now !! I’ve been crazy busy with school, so I haven’t had as much time to edit and post. 

And thank you so much !!! You really made my day.(: 

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Anonymous whispered, "You need to be careful what you post. Yes, 99% of Harry Potter blogs are the same, but they reblog from each other. You are posting photos that other people have already posted, and taking credit for a blog that is already out there. You should check the blogs that are like yours first."

Hold your horses, mate.

Just to make this clear, like I already have on my profile, I get all my photos from Google. And the whole point of this blog, is that I edit the photos to make them how I would like on this particular blog. I have another account where I reblog everything that I like. But this, as you can see, is a blog of all vintage/sepia/faded photos to portray a more ancient wizarding world, as I see it.

Also, I do NOT take credit for these photos in anyway. I am not selling these photos or doing anything with them, except posting them in a newly edited way for others who wish to reblog/like photos like these.

If you feel I am taking credit for your photos that you, yourself, have made/taken, then get off anonymous and straight up let me know. 

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show-me-something-pretty whispered, "this blog is unbelievably stunning. I am so in love."

ohmygosh you made my day thank you !!!(:<3

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